Yuwell 7A-23B - Suction Machine


Suction Machine

Model: 7A-23B

Brand; Yuwell

Origin; China

Warranty:- 6 Month


1Maintenance free , double piston cylinder, oil-less pump and high flow rate with less pollution

2.Large -diameter storage bottle with hand shank, stopper with sealing ring, easy to open, fasten down and clean,

3.Overflow protection device prevents liquid from entering into the inner pipe

4.Transparent non-toxic PVC hoses, easy for observation

5.Air filter protects pump from being polluted

6.Hand switch and foot switch installed in parallel, can be selected at will

7. Work stably and durably, low nose, large capacity and easy to operate. Specification:

1.Max vacuum≥0.09MpA(680mmHg)

2.Vacuum range : 0.02Mpa (150mmHg)  ̴ Max vacuum

3.Flow rate : ≥40 l/mm

4.Noise :≤ 60dB9A

5.Storage bottle : 300 ml×2 (glass0