EMS-1200A - Patient Monitor


Patient Monitor

Model:  EMS-1200A

Brand: Esonic

Origin:  Taiwan


  • Compact and versatile enough to meet your individual needs,
  • Configurable to your specifications
  • Suitable for use in surgical and critical care settings.
  • An accessible option for your department for VSM 5 patient monitoring
  • Default parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, PR / HR
  • 12′′ High-resolution TFT LCD color display
  • Review of the S-T real-time section, pace-maker identification
  • In-phase show of multi-lead ECG waveforms
  • Wide amount of data storage for tabular and graphical patterns and easy to recall
  • Efficient resistance to the defibrillator and HF knife intervention

Up to 5 hours of working time, normally