Three Function Bed


Three Function Bed

Model: A6w

Brand: Shikang

Origin: China 

A6w Electric Medical Bed With Foldable Side Rail


* 3 Functions: Backrest adjustment,Kneerest adjustment,Height adjustment

Important Quality Control

* Mordern design.Use new and strong inserted ABS fire-proof panel avoid off.
* Easy to be cleaned and installed
* With UL/ROHS/EN Standard. Noise Under 50dB, With Lifetime 20,000Times Movement.
* Baosteel from Fortune Global 500
* Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C,tensile upto 30MPa
* Solid bed base made of 5.0mm stamped rotating plate
* 11 Process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-baterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact
* Panasonic Robotic ensure 360° full smooth wedlding