Oka Air Detoxifier / Okaed - Fumigation Machine


Fumigation Machine

Brand: Oka Air Detoxifier

Model: Okaed

Origin: Malaysia

+Pre-Filter(filter dust and larger particles) +High-Efficiency HEPA Filter (filter bacteria and virus at 0.3micron) +Activated Carbon Filter (filter odors) +Photo catalytic Oxidation Filter (removal of chemcals,VOCs,bacteria and airborne contaminants actively in the air) –NASA technology +Germicidal UVC lamp (kills and prevent bacteria breading in the filters) +UV Ionizer (negative & positive ions) – (bind and clear dust in the air) +High Plasma Ionizer (bind and clear dust in the air) +Ozone (remove smell, odor, cigarettes smell, bacteria and virus) – active cleaning




 +New OkaAir Detoxifier comes with Ozone Timer (Activated Oxygen Timer)–15 min, 30 min, 60 min and 2 hours. +Quiet performance (2X quieter than the previous version) +Lighter Unit (6.2kg for version 2 vs 9.5kg for version 1) +Smaller in terms of depth by 3.5cm (Product size 32cm (h) x 22.5cm (w) and 27.5cm (depth) +New version of remote control +Area of coverage upto 3,500 sq ft2